Emergency and Critical Care Medicine

Toraymyxin® Extracorporeal hemoperfusion cartridge


Toraymyxin removes endotoxin which is considered to be serious pathogenic substance causing Sepsis


Toramyxin is intended for the selective removal of endotoxin from circulating blood through direct hemoperfusion (DHP).

HEMOFEEL™ CH Hemofilter

Instructions for Use

HEMOFEEL™ CH is a hemofilter for continuous renal support made of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) membrane with excellent biocompatibility and also unique characteristics of absorbing proteins. In vitro experiments have shown that the PMMA hemofilter has an inflammatory cytokine adsorptive capability.


HEMOFEEL™ CH is designed for the continuous replacement of the main activity of the kidneys by removing water and toxins at a slow and steady rate.